Sell more

with less staff

Enhance the customer experience with pre-ordering, letting customers pre-order and pay before they even step through the door.

Sell More In Advance

Increase drink sales by proposing new and special drinks to customers

Predict Upcoming Orders

Know what customers will have before they are seated.

Reduce Staff Burden

Automate the drink order to reduce the burden on staff

Clean Mobile Menus

Show customers a clean presentation of your drink menu

Consumers LOVE ordering on their phones. Join the growing trend and improve the customer experience.

Want to join us?

How it works

For Diners

1. Customers receive a SMS message with pre-ordering menu.

- For waiting customers, the moment they are added to the queue

- Right when they are in the queue OR - 90 mins before their meal

2. Customers Order their Drinks and Pay

Customers order and pay through Carbonara for the drink order to be valid

3. Enjoy the food and drink

For Restaurants

1. Set up pre-ordering menu on your phone

2. During service, customer orders show up in the Carbonara Manager App

Drinks are paid for by consumers via Carbonara and all payments go directly to the restaurant.

3. Restaurants serve the drinks.

This can be when customers are seated or even before while customers wait

100% Commission Free - All your revenue will be sent back to your bank account


"Carbonara's drink pre-ordering works great. Customers really like it, and it's easy for us to receive drink orders and serve our customers.

Roberto Galiano,
General Manager

Pizzeria Starita, Milano





1. If we activate Drink Pre-Ordering, will we be overwhelmed with orders?

No, customers are still learning about this feature and you might receive 1-2 drink orders in your first week.

2. Will this fit with our current workflow, especially for busy restaurants?

Yes, Carbonara's Drink Pre-Ordering makes it easier for busy restaurants to take drink orders, and reduces the burden on staff.

3. Do I have to integrate Drink Pre-Ordering with my POS?

No, actually it's very easy and quick to start using Carbonara Pre-Ordering. Restaurants can receive payments directly in their bank accounts, and orders show up in the Carbonara Manager App.

4. What is the cost for drink pre-ordering?

There is ZERO cost, and Carbonara pays the card-processing fees!