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Maggie Fu
Ollie's cafe

Designed for restaurant's needs...

  • Online reservations
  • Manage your reservation schedules
  • Waitlist
  • Reservation book
  • SMS notification
  • Customized SMS
  • Daily statistics

...and it's entirely FREE!

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Trusted by restaurants in the UK

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"Carbonara app is very simple and fast to incorporate in service operations compared to other booking systems.

It makes managing reservations and tables so easy and I can even check all the activity on my mobile phone, from anywhere."

- Ollie's Café, Highbridge, UK

"We needed a system, and this app had all the features we were looking for.

The fact that everyone can work on their phone was a game changer for the staff at Maggie Fu. Everyone can be informed just by checking their phone. In fact, using the app had reduced their total work by 10%."

- Maggie Fu, Liverpool, UK

"The ability to have full control over the work is one of the aspects we appreciated the most.

The interface is intuitive and has made the service 25% faster. This is not just a simple app, it's the evolution of the restaurant industry."

- Mamma Pizza, Oslo, Norway